The Murlpirrmarra Connection has been in operation since 2010 and is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission since the 27th of September in 2012.

The Murlpirrmarra Connection initially engaged three Wiluna boys, Duran Patch, Leslee Gilbert and Gervaris Ashwin in 2010, and enrolled the boys into North Albany Senior High School and its Football Academy.

From these initial three boys, the Murlpirrmarra Connection has now assisted 59 Wiluna and Murchison based Indigenous youth's, getting these students into boarding Schools and Colleges and maintaining the wellbeing and re-engagement of these students.

The Murlpirrmarra Connection assist in all aspects of engaging and maintaining Wiluna and Murchison based Indigenous youths in their respective educational facilities as well as putting in place regional programs to support the children's educational re-engagement, sporting pathways and health.

The Murlpirrmarra Connection is the conduit between all parties dealing with:

Parents, Families, School and College Principles, Social workers, Boarding Staff, Academy Directors, Government agencies, Airlines, Local Shires, Dept of Corrections, Police, Abstudy, Drug and Alcohol Office, Sporting Clubs and associations, Other Not for profit organisations, Rehabilitation facilities, Hospitals and Aboriginal medical services and many, many more......

Supporting and building strong relationships with Wiluna families and the community has developed and this needs to continue. With an already successful working model in place, and helping with the transition, wellbeing and educational development of the indigenous youth in Wiluna, the potential to help create more opportunity seemed obvious and necessary.

Download the Murlpirrmarra Connection strategic plan, December 2014

Murlpirrmarra Connection Limited Board Members:

 Patron: The Honourable Fred Chaney, AO

 Chairman: David Sanders

CEO/Director: Darren Patten

Director: Mick Wilson

Director: Peter Dawson

Director: Kelman Patch

Director: David McCutcheon

Director: Vanessa Guthrie

Director: Shaun Clark

Director: Danny Sweeney

Director: Larry Kickett